Wine cellar "CaveauStar"

High quality craftsmanship coupled with a stable construction of beautiful and robust fir wood: That’s what the exclusive and professional storage system CaveauSTAR stands for.

Optimal categorizing of vintage wines. The high quality wine rack collection consists of six different models specially designed for wine bottle and wine case storage, which may be combined according to your individual needs. Thanks to the versatile design of the partitions in each model, you may sort out your wines according to vintage, sorts or brands depending on your individual taste.

FSc certified. For the manufacturing of CaveauSTAR only certified, high quality, knotless wood is used. These exclusive wine racks are Swiss made.

Six models are available to mix and match. The low model 1 has enough space for 8 wine cases (12 wine bottles each), with a total capacity of 96. The 2nd model, which is also low, has a total capacity of 60 wine bottles. The high version is model 3 which offers storage for 168 single wine bottles. Model number 4 is a combination where single bottles and wine cases can be stored according to individual concepts or needs. In the upper section you can store 8 cases (6 bottles each) and in the lower section you can store 16 (with 6 bottles each) or 8 cases (with 12 bottles each). Models 5 and 6 are more suitable for single bottle storage and have a total capacity of 144 and 168 respectively.

Ideal for every wine cellar The height of the wine rack is about 200 cm, except of the models 1 and 2, which are ideal for placing underneath the cellar window and when stacked they reach a height of 200 cm to match the higher models. Order the system that better suits your needs. Practical: If the cellar ground is even, you will not be required to use wall mounting. Simply trust the quality and craftsmanship of this system and order enough wine racks to store your treasured wine collection on the best possible wine rack: CaveauSTAR.
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