Our team of wine cellar specialists is at your disposal to answer all your questions. Our network consists of professional interior designers, architects and master craftsmen.
Optimal planning through our team of architects and designers. Our team visualizes your wishes according to your choice of system in a design drawing.
Professional installation through experienced master craftsmen. If you are pleased with the design of your wine cellar and have issued us a contract, we immediately start with all the preliminary work for the installation.

Overview of our SystemsFrom classic to modern - here you can find your personal style

Wine Cellar "Perfect Fit“ Wine Cellar "Perfect Fit“
Wine rack system "PRESTIGE"Wine rack system "PRESTIGE"
Wine rack system "CAVEPRO"Wine rack system "CAVEPRO"
Wine rack system "Vincasa"Wine rack system "Vincasa"
Wine cellar "CaveauStar"Wine cellar "CaveauStar"
 Wine cellar "Campagna" Wine cellar "Campagna"
Wine Cellar "FERRUM"Wine Cellar "FERRUM"
Wine cellar TransparenteWine cellar Transparente
Brick - / vaulted cellarBrick - / vaulted cellar
Wine Cellar Planer

Over the past 20 years your reliable partner for wine cellar furnishings and accessories

Welcome to our online shop with a comprehensive offer of professional wine cellar furnishings for private cellars and business installations!

Since 1994 we are your competent partner for wine cellar furnishings and accessories. With our high quality products and service performance we have achieved international presence in the most important European countries as well as in Russia.

We design, plan and build a high quality custom made wine cellar for you. We are always looking for extraordinary and superior products in order to make your wine cellar an absolute highlight.

Our competence and the collaboration with a network of international partners guarantee you the best solution for the furnishing of your wine cellar. It does not matter if for wine retail stores, gastronomy or for your private use, we have for every style and for every budget a fantastic selection of alternatives for your wine cellar. is an internet website sponsored by Promondo GmbH. With 20 years of experience we have established ourselves as one of the largest and versatile providers in the areas of wine storage, wine cellar furnishings and wine cellar installation. We are not only present in Germany, but also all across Europe and in Russia we make dreams of a customized wine cellar come true. Through our website we offer our customers at an international level competent assistance and advice to design and plan their wine cellars.

Wine cellar construction and furnishing – we make every dream come true.

Our goal is to make your dream of a perfect and functional wine cellar come true, fulfilling every wish and vision you may have. It does not matter if you are looking for the furnishing of your own private cellar or you are planning one for your vineyard, wine retail business or a gastronomic facility, we are ready to support you from the planning until the final installation. We work with a network of professionals such as interior designers, architects and master craftsmen, who work together to reach the optimal solution for your wine cellar.

A customized wine cellar. No matter if you have lots or little space available or which kind of budget you have, we will find the ideal wine cellar to fit your needs. Our basic system “VINCASA” is reasonably priced can be expanded and combined freely, so that you are able to choose which one of the many alternatives is the more adequate for your personal use. For the medium size budget we offer the system “CAVEPRO”. All elements belonging to this system are made in Germany and ensure through the use of different materials for fascinating effects. For those who can allow themselves to implement a more luxurious alternative to store their wines, we recommend our system “Perfect Fit”. Let our master carpenters build elegant wine racks made of walnut wood and give your wine cellar an individual and exclusive touch. Of course we also offer other systems, simply take a look yourself to find out which one is your favorite.

Broad range of wine racks. We offer you a fascinating variety of wine racks to choose from. No matter if your preference is wood, metal acrylic or stone – your favorite style is classic, modern or Mediterranean - we can provide you with the right materials and style which will guarantee years of pleasure with your new wine cellar. We have a solution for every taste.

Use of breathtaking accents. Your final product should not only serve as an optimal wine storage, it should also provide an inviting atmosphere to enjoy your wines and be an absolute eye catcher which fascinates your friends and guests. We will show you how to create magnificent contrasts by combining different types of materials or how a designer element can turn into the highlight in your wine cellar. For example you could combine a wine rack made out of wood with an acrylic inset or add a special detail to the wine cabinets by using mirrored back panels. With the use of LED lightning elements you can create magnificent effects through indirect use which let your wines shine in a different light. We are always searching worldwide for new and innovative solutions in order to find the best for you.

Wine storage & proper climate control. During the planning of your wine cellar there are important factors to take into consideration so your wines are stored properly and keep their quality and value. The most influential aspects are isolation, temperature, air humidity and vibration. In this matter we are glad to offer our assistance and help you find the proper solution for climate control and isolation so your wine cellar reaches the optimal storage conditions.


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