Barrique line - made of old barrique barrel wood

A small manufacturer situated in the south of Germany uses precious wood of wonderful old barrel staves to built tables, stools, cabinets and even doors. All products are unique in design and are elaborately handcrafted - more individuality is almost impossible to find for the furnishing of your wine store, vineyard cellar, presentation room or your home.

Before the finished staves are incorporated into unique pieces of work they are extensively refurbished. After the oak barrels are taken apart, the arched staves are separated into three different layers of wood. The outside part of the barrels with a natural patina is used to create a rustical look, from the inside part of the barrels with a typical dark red coloring results the red wine look.

The middle part of the stave is made out of a higher quality, finely pored wood which can be used to fabricate furniture such as stools or wood benches. After the staves are separated, they are pressed back into their original shape through a special process. Afterwards they are individually furnished with a new middle layer of waterproof panel material and a new bottom layer. Depending on the product, the bottom layer is made of massive oakwood or of one of the three wood layers obtained from the staves. The final step is to put the "old new staves" together through elaborate craftsmanship to form new wood panels and their surface is rubbed with oil at the very end. Now the raw material is ready to be part of unique pieces of work.

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