Wine Cellar "Transparente"

This unique and exquisite wine presentation system will put your guests and clients in a state of fascination. This system is patented and allows you to place any type of bottles horizontally making the “Transparente” effect a real eye catcher.

The Italian manufacturer puts together unique technical and creative ideas and brings them to live. These products are guaranteed high quality and can be implemented in vineyards, hotels, gastronomic establishments and of course in the own private dwellings. Let yourself be impressed by the extraordinary, modern ideas which the system “Transparente” has to offer.

Harmonious forms with elegant transparency. Many years of experience in working with acrylic glass, combined with innovative laser cutting techniques and a very precise construction, result in breathtaking products.
The user of transparent materials such as acrylic or crystal glass, together with the use of lighting elements create wonderful effects and reflections, which will give any room a magical atmosphere. This intelligent way to use transparency and lightning will produce an elegant and beautiful environment letting your bottles shine in the best possible light.

“Wine is poetry on earth”. With the system “Transparente” we want to reach an arrangement of unmistakeable, elegant and innovative wine presentation systems that awake strong emotions. Beyond the enjoyment of wine drinking, is also an objective to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for your guests and for yourself. With “Transparente” we bring to life an environment which encourages spending time together and sharing an exquisite selection of wines. Present your wines in an attention catching way and invite your guests to spend some relaxing time together.

Customized to fit your needs. We give every wine location a special touch with our intelligent designs. It does not matter if planning a small wine cellar for private use, or the furnishing of a wine bar, we will find the optimal solution for the space available, always making sure there is a balance between presentation, organization and harmony. With our sophisticated acrylic displays we offer the optimal mixture between functionality and visibility of your products. Our modern furnishings are made to emphasize the style of your dwellings and we also design special furniture pieces such as wine glass cabinets to fit your needs.

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