Climate Control

During the design and construction of a wine cellar, it is of utmost importance to take the conditions for perfect storage into consideration. The ideal air humidity in your wine cellar should 80% and the optimal temperature should be between 8°C and 12°C. In this respect, both humidity and temperature should be kept as constant as possible. We offer a large range of products which will assist you to design and create your own wine cellar for the long term storage of your wines.

Wine cellar construction with the right isolation. With the purpose of protecting your wine bottles from external influences, it is important to consider a good isolation material during the construction of your wine cellar. Generally speaking, the deeper your wine cellar, the better the conditions for your wine. However, during the planning of the isolation in your cellar (e. g. styrofoam panels with 6 cm thickness), do not forget about the door. Fact is that isolation is an essential part of our services. Of course we also provide you with our advice and support in any other topics. In addition, we offer special doors with temperature control, which provide the optimal isolation and at the same time the perfect temperature.

Use a humidifier. Your wine cellar should not be planned without a humidifier, since the right air humidity plays an important role in the conservation of your wines. If the humidity is too low, it could cause the corks to dry out and the bottles will not be air tight anymore. On the other side, if the humidity is too high, it could support the growth of mold on the labels. It is therefore necessary to always plan the use of a humidifier as part of the wine cellar equipment.

Always maintain the right temperature. With a temperature control device you can always reach and maintain the optimal temperature. Seasonal weather fluctuations are balanced out by this equipment without a problem. Depending on the size of your wine cellar, we will find the right device to install plus accessories needed. Once the temperature regulation device is installed, you can use a thermo hygrometer sensor to permanently control the temperature in your wine cellar. You will receive accurate and reliable values, furthermore as soon as the humidity is too low or too high you will be warned.
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