Wine cellar "Perfect Fit"

A wine cellar custom built according to your wishes. With our “Perfect Fit” system you are flexible in every aspect. Whether the choice of material, size and shape of the wine racks or the accessories, let your imagination run wild.

The finest selection of wood. If you decide on a wooden system, there are several types of wood to choose from. The “Perfect Fit” system is usually made of pine wood. You have the choice between 5 different colours of wood: natural, light oak, dark oak, anthracite and black. Of course we can varnish the wood in the colour of your choice, to add a unique style to your wine cellar. Particularly popular is white varnish which gives your wine cellar a fresh and modern atmosphere. If you desire a breathtaking and luxurious furnishing, we also design wine racks and accessories made of walnut, ash or American oak wood.

Breathtaking wine display. You can also expand “Perfect Fit" with stylish elements and make it an even bigger eye catcher. The system looks especially exclusive with acrylic elements or back silvering. With the installation of an indirect LED-lighting you can create impressive effects, that let your wines shine.

High-quality handcraft with every element. All elements of “Perfect Fit” are hand-made by our qualified wood craftsmen. Therefore we can guarantee a high quality for the realisation of each project. It is of utmost importance that even the smallest details of this system are perfectly processed. From the rounded corners to the smooth transitions of the various boards, the excellent manufacture will catch your eye immediately.

Ideal for gastronomes as well. If you are looking for a special eye catcher for your vineyard or an attracting display of your wines in your restaurant, then this system is the perfect choice.
With "Perfect Fit" you receive everything from one source - from the draft plan to the installation. Our specialists consisting of professional interior designers, architects and master craftsmen are at your service with help and advice.
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