Exclusiv wine cooling cabinets

The exclusiv wine cooling cabinets PARETTE VINO TECA VINO and QUADRO VINO – made in Italy

With these exclusive wine cooling cabinets, in an elegant Italian design, your wine bottles are not only stored well but also presented gracefully. The devices not only persuade with its new technology but also with its modern look. The Italian manufacturer, pairing his unique creativity and innovative technology, guaranties high-quality products for the vineyard, hotels and restaurant owner and of course for the private user.

PARETE VINO – the dual System to present, store and serve wine. PARETE VINO is the innovative module-system with the opulent wall-system for presenting, storing and serving the wine. Thanks to the different frame type and colourful designs, enables the PARETE VINO to adapt into a classical as well as modern atmosphere. PARETE VINO possesses an innovative cooling system with a cooling coil set in the middle of the cabinet. Another special feature is the horizontal layout of the wine bottles, which is an attractive design that displays the bottles and the labels well. Low energy consumption ensures excellent lateral insulation, as well as double doors with separate rooms that allow the opening of one half of the display case.

PARETE VINO is made of materials from the best technique and aesthetic quality and developed for an absolute simple installation. Structure and frames are made of solid wood. There are two models available: the one model has glass doors at that front as well as the back this is for an easy access and good visibility. The second model is intended for installation. The temperature-controller of the model can be adjusted by the user to achieve the right temperature for any wine variety. The doors are made of aluminium with 2 cm double glazing and include a magnetized seal. The digital temperature controller, LED lights and lock with a key add to the stylish design of the wine cooling cabinet. The module made of the collection PARETE VINO can be combined with each other as desired. The selection of the form and colour of the wine cooling cabinet is large. This way you can create a personalized and ideal System in order to store a large collection in a stylish manner.
Wine cooling system TECA VINO with an unmistakable design. The wine cooling system TECA VINO is elegant, minimalistic and essential for any wine lover. The horizontal display of the bottles ensures a comfortable storage for your wine while and a beautiful display as well. TECA VINO is an unmistakable design object that decorates any room or atmosphere uniquely.

TECA VINO has an aluminium structure with a wooden-frame that is available in various forms and colours. This design enables an easy exchange or replacement of the glass and wooden features. TECA VINO is equipped with an innovative cooling system in which the cooling coil is placed in the middle of the cabinet. This design allows the best storage conditions. The glass on both sides enables an open display of the wine and the labels. In the interior of the wine cooling cabinet one can choose to display the wine bottles in a horizontal, diagonal and standing display.

QUADRO VINO – the painting among the wine cooling cabinet. Thanks to the QUADRO VINO you can now store different wines in the right temperature and store them in a wonderfully decorated cabinet. Just like a painting, you can now hang your wine cooling cabinet like a painting over your sofa – eye catcher! The wine cooling cabinet is especially flat which makes the installation in a small room possible. The cooling is done through thermoelectric system with very little energy consumption. Model, colour and design are eligible for selection, that way you can posses a unique product. The QUADRO VINO has a cooling system made of recycled materials that are free from polluting gases. QUADRO VINO is the winner of the Innovation price 2014 of the competition Horeca 24.
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