Wine chambers & cabinets with climate control

In order to enjoy a wine in its entire splendor, we have to provide the optimal conditions for the proper storage. Even those who do not have enough space available to build a private wine cellar, do not need to resign and live without proper storage for their wines. We also offer solutions to the wine lovers who have little space available, but appreciate the opportunity to be able to storage their wines properly.

Wine cellar-alternative - what do you need to be aware of? In order for your wine to breathe and prevent cork from drying out you should always keep the bottles in a lying position and if possible with very little movement. Therefore you need to pay attention when choosing the right equipment for your wine cellar that your bottles can lay in a horizontal position and any kind of vibrations can be absorbed through a stable construction. Additionally, the wine temperature needs to be kept constant (8 - 12°C) as well as the air humidity (80%) and sunlight exposure minimized.

Wine cabinets: the space saving alternative to a wine cellar. When you do not have the possibility to isolate an entire room and install a climate control system, we have the perfect alternative according to your needs. We offer you wine cabinets in different sizes which can accommodate from 12 up to 250 bottles, depending on the model.

Wine chambers: for larger amounts of storage. If you need to store larger amounts of wine but you do not have a basement, the wine chamber is the ideal alternative for you. A wine chamber has more capacity, depending on the model, to store up to 4000 bottles of wine securely. Your wines will be displayed just like in a wine cellar, with good visibility in a special glas enclosed chamber or a specially constructed walk-in cabinet. You also have the possibility to built in LED lighting components which presents your wine bottles in a special shine and creates a wonderful atmosphere. The wine chamber keeps a constant temperature in summer and in winter and enables you to store your wines for long periods of time. The humidity is regulated to accommodate the perfect storage of the wines. Therefore the corks will not dry out and premature aging and oxidation process will be avoided. This is also the perfect alternative for restaurants, wine shops or wine bars.

Flexible relocation. Both the wine cabinets and wine chambers are made for those who relocate or remodel frequently. These two can be taken apart without any mayor effort, transported, can be put together again and positioned somewhere else.
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