Wine rack system "Vincasa"

Wine cellar furnishing quite simple. Our standard system is ideal for you if you need an optimal space utilization. The elegant “VINCASA” wine rack system is easy to assemble without any tools. Save strength and time with this system when furnishing your wine cellar and enjoy the wine rack system that can be expanded effortlessly.

Suitable for other rooms as well. The different modules of this system are not only ideal for the wine cellar. Thanks to the different sizes and multiplicity of the module the “VINCASA” system is suitable for wine retail stores and gastronomy functioning as a special eye catcher.

Stable and moisture repellent. The standard system is made of massive, well-dried pine wood and remains steady in a moist wine cellar. You can rest assured that your wine rack system will last long and keep your wine bottles safe.

Can be designed according to your wishes. To fulfil your wishes we can bate, wax and oil the base systems and varnish them in the colour of your choice. That way you will add a unique touch to your wine cellar.

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